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Kofferbahn von Sankt Bartholomä - award-winning HOe suitcase layout by Marthe Simard and Jeffrey MacHan

VECRR setup at Exporail - See the VIDEO!

Professionally restored Webseries by the VEC Library Staff!

"Val Ease Summit" Construction Diary by Howard Kannitbee, P.E.,
VECRR Superintendent of Engineering

Bill Kronenberger 1947 - 2007 Remembering Z Ambassador Bill K.


General Interest and "Last Spike"

  1. Construction pt1/4: Lightweight Layout Techniques on the VEC - Styrofoam construction
  2. Construction pt 2/4: Lightweight Layout Techniques on the VEC - Laying Track
  3. Construction pt 3/4: Lightweight Layout Techniques on the VEC - Acrylic Landscaping
  4. Construction pt 4/4: Lightweight Layout Techniques on the VEC - Budget Forests
  5. A Scene Stealer on the VEC: The Old River Lighthouse
  6. A Barge Bash: Adding a Barge to the VEC Harbor Scene
  7. Camouflaging Märklin Turnouts on the VEC
  8. Beatin' the Modeler's Blues
  9. Creating Atmosphere with Sound
  10. Wiring the Märklin Turntable for Operation on the VEC
  11. Packing a Märklin Roundhouse into a Suitcase (w/links to Hi-rez images)
  12. A Compact Swiss Alpine Track Plan
  13. Workin' on the Railroad: Open LoadZ
  14. Briefing Notes for Z Ambassadors - Part 1
  15. Briefing Notes for Z Ambassadors - Part 2
  16. Adding a Microfigs 8-silo Grain Elevator to VEPA
  17. Last Spike #1: Miles O'Track Inaugurates New VEE Depot
  18. Last Spike #2: The times, they are a'changin' (Faszination Modellbau 2002)
  19. Jens Wimmel: 2002 FM champion
  20. Last Spike #3: A Joe Rocchia Marklin Factory Tour
  21. Last Spike #4: The AmaZing Bob Olson of Pennzee
  22. NTS2002 Sidebar-People Make Z Scale Great
  23. Last Spike #5: The Legend of the "Line Walker"
  24. Last Spike #6: Lighting the Great Xmas Tree
  25. NMRA Z-Scale Collector Cars 1992-2004 (the full Z series)
  26. Last Spike #7: The Forklift Incident
  27. Last Spike #8: The Val Ease Model Railway Club Helps Lay Turntable Decking
  28. Last Spike #9: Building "Val Ease Summit" or You Can't Get There From Here!
  29. System Joerger puts the F-U-N into the Fun Set
  30. Last Spike #10: The Val Ease Transportation System
  31. Last Spike #11: How'd that happen? The VEW-VEE Conundrum
  32. Last Spike #12: Undercover at Eurospoor 2003
  33. Manufacturer Profile: Micron Art's Reynard Wellman
  34. Last Spike #13: VEC Makes TrackZ to Canadian Railroad Museum
  35. Last Spike #14: Presenting Z Pioneer Manfred Jörger and his Million Passenger Layout
  36. Last Spike #15: The Animated Railroad
  37. Last Spike #16: Terry Sutfin, Snapshot of a "Z" Ambassador
  38. Last Spike #17: A Stealthy Visitor to Val Ease Port Authority / Completing the concrete pad on CVE Dock
  39. Last Spike #18: Playing with Trains: VEC Vignettes
  40. Last Spike #19: Confessions of a Railroad Modeller?
  41. Last Spike #20: A PURRfect kitbash
  42. Last Spike #21: The "Val Ease Summit Experience" - using the Tippi Hot Wire Foam Cutter
  43. Last Spike #22: The "Howard Kannitbee Val Ease Summit Diaries"
  44. Last Spike #23: WARNING - Highly addictive in small doZeZ!
  45. Last Spike #24: Meet Z Ambassadors Gerry and Audrey O'Callaghan
  46. Last Spike #25: Let the Puzzles Begin!
  47. Last Spike #26: Top 10 TipZ for a Better "Z" Experience
  48. Last Spike #27: Z-scale at the London Festival of Railway Modelling 2006
  49. Profile of a Champion, Bill Kronenberger
  50. Last Spike #28: Painting Acrylic Water-Based Backdrops on the VECRR, and Beyond!
  51. Last Spike #29: VECRR N-spirationZ
  52. Last Spike #30: A Countdown to Remember
  53. Last Spike #31: Mesozoic Park...A VEC Vignette
  54. Report from the Amherst BIG Train Show 2007: Women of Z!
  55. Last Spike #32: VEC Controls - Wired for FUN!
  56. Last Spike #33: AZL Delivers GP7 Dream Machine!
  57. Last Spike #34: An Easy Quonset Hut Project
  58. Last Spike #35: Night Time is FUN Time on the VECRR
  59. Last Spike #36: Z Scale Comes of Age
  60. FINAL COLUMN Last Spike #37: VEC Reaches 1,000,000 Passenger Milestone / Pulling up the Spike! Arrived January - February 2008


  1. Z-Scale Rails #1: Module Groups Set World Record *
  2. Z-Scale Rails #2: NTS Champ Layout Goes to Germany *
  3. Z-Scale Rails #3: Award winners at NTS2002 *
  4. Z-Scale Rails #4: Z Top 10 Questions **
  5. Z-Scale Rails #5: A Conversation with Eric Smith, CEO of Micro-Trains Line *
  6. Z-Scale Rails #6: Stretch to Fill or Shrink to SiZe *
*Copyright NMRA Scale Rails Magazine and The Bulletin.
**Copyright Jeffrey MacHan, published in the NMRA Clinic Handbook 2004


  1. The Val Ease Central Railroad, a Layout Built to Share ***
  2. The Val Ease Central Goes to Germany or Who Says Trains Can't Fly? ***
***Note: The above documents are first drafts of the MR article submissions. The final texts and photos as published in the November 2004 issue of Model Railroader Magazine are copyright Kalmbach Publishing and can not be reproduced here.



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