VEC Life Members

Distinguished Valeasians
Life # Name Distinguished service to VEC
001 Marthe Simard, Gatineau, Québec Encouraged, supported and participated in travels of VEC since day 1. Marthe has been present at every VEC event except for the three European AdventureZ. Her sacrifice was more important than can be adequately described. Her encouragement has contributed to a series of life-changing experiences, for the entire crew.
002 Terry Sutfin, Vancouver, Washington VEC crewmember at Faszination Modellbau 2002 and Eurospoor 2003. Terry has been the inspiration for the growth of the VEC, putting pressure on the chief imagineer to complete Centre Val Ease. Terry has also been a co-conspirator at several GATS and other exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest since 1998.
003 Dieter Nolte, Essen, Germany Provided Introductions to the BDEF re: Faszination Modellbau and to the show managers of Eurospoor. Without Dieter's help and advice, the European AdventureZ would likely not have taken place. VEC crewmember at NTS2002 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
004 Helen Sutfin, Vancouver, Washington VEC crewmember at Eurospoor 2003. Helen's contribution goes far beyond lending a helping hand at Eurospoor. Helen has encouraged Terry in his efforts to promote Z and in his travels with the VEC on two European adventureZ.
005 Jim Manley, San Jose, California VEC crewmember at Amherst BIG Train Show, West Springfield, MA, 2004. Jim flew in from his home, San Jose, CA, to spend 16 hours interacting with the crowds in W. Spr. He almost made it to Eurospoor but missed the show by one day due to various travel problems on route.
006 Peter Ibbotson, London, England Saved the day by providing vast amounts of coffee, encouragement, a power bar and an emergency Märklin power pack to keep the VEW running at the 2006 London Festival of Railway Modelling. Peter also entertained the public from time to time so that I could enjoy the show or take potty breaks. One very generous and amaZing guy.
Honorary Eric Smith, Medford, Oregon CEO of Micro-Trains Line Inc. and supporter of the VEC since 1997. (Zoom sur les Miniatures 1997, Faszination Modellbau 2002, Eurospoor 2003, London Festival 2006)
Honorary Robert Kluz, Columbus, Ohio Publisher and editor of Ztrack Magazine Ltd. and supporter of the VEC since 1999. (Faszination Modellbau 2002, Eurospoor 2003, London Festival 2006)
Honorary Fred Gates, New Berlin, Wisconsin President of Märklin USA Inc. and supporter of the VEC since 2002. (Faszination Modellbau 2002, London Festival 2006)