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Last Spike: The VEE Depot Inaugeration

***** Press Release: Miles O'Track inaugurates new Val Ease East Depot *****

Workers had just completed the finishing touches as Mr. Miles O'Track, MBA, Chief executive officer of the Val Ease Central Railroad officiated at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Val Ease East Depot.

Speaking before an enthusiastic crowd of well wishers, Mr. O'Track inaugurated the new depot saying that he was proud to see the VECRR working with the community of Val Ease East to improve railway property as well as service to commuters and visitors to the region.

The new depot which replaced the old VEE switch tower is a well designed combination ticket/waiting room and baggage handling and bicycle storage area. Mr. O'Track observed that the county planning committee's promotional campaign has resulted in a large increase in tourism to the many attractions of lovely Val Ease National Recreation Area and that the new depot will contribute to the valley's reputation for "Service as Nature intended".

In conclusion, the CEO of the VECRR thanked local architect Skye Zlimmit for the depot design and Bud Greenthumb Landscaping for the grounds. The ribbon cutting ceremony was followed by gifts and refreshments for the guests and a special excursion of the Val Ease "Bullet" for visiting dignitaries and tour guide writers. Rusty Spike, unofficial historian and longest serving VECRR employee was on hand to throw the mainline switch for veteran "Bullet" engineer, Hickory Woods who came out of retirement to drive the special train for the occasion.

For more information, please contact Isabel Ringing, communications officer, VECRR.

Miles O'Track, CEO of VECRR officially opens VEE Depot 
before an enthusiastic crowd of well wishers.

Miles O'Track, CEO of VECRR officially opens VEE Depot before an enthusiastic crowd of well wishers.
The imaginary world of Val Ease comes to life with the actions of its tiny inhabitants. Not only do we, as modelists, strive to replicate operating railroads, we sometimes let our imaginations drift off to create a colorful world surrounding our trains. This is sometimes referred to by noted experts as "playing with our model railroads". The wonderful thing about play is how we can experiment with existing structures to create new buildings that fit our imaginary world. In the case of Val Ease East Depot, two Märklin resin stations were combined (kit-bashed or more rightly sawed, filed and glued) to produce a unique combination station-depot that feels right at home along the VEE mainline.

The construction details of VEE Depot are very simple and require no elaborate explanation. After removing the roofs from both stations using a metal cutting hacksaw blade, I used a razor saw to remove the bay window section from one of the stations. This allowed me to bring together (after filing flat) the remaining end pieces with the baggage door and entrance to the new freight shed. After removing the end from both roofs and filing to ensure a smooth butt joint they were joined with 5 minute epoxy. I used a hobby knife blade to carve a couple of shingles in strategic places to fill gaps and brushed on a good coat of black acrylic paint. The depot was painted with acrylics before being epoxied to the roof. Coffee stir batons were used for the decking and painted with a thick coat of gray acrylic paint before final positioning of the depot.

This was a fun project that did not require an engineering degree to complete. The new VEE Depot is a great addition to the layout and as President Miles O'Track pointed out, a "contribution" to the local economy.

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