Val Ease County Library Special Collections Section

Welcome to the VEC Library reading room. We are pleased to present the compleat Howard Kannitbee VES Diaries. The original diaries were discovered in a deep dark place in the attic of the VEC Library. Although the contents are of a rather dry style, the library staff felt that the historical value of Mr. Kannitbee's first-person observations of the VECRR construction through Val Ease Summit, which signaled the final connection of our community to the outside world, made them of interest to Library patrons. Please do not remove the orginal manuscript from the Library.

A word from Hizzoner on behalf of the VEC Library Foundation

Dear friends of the Val Ease County Library. I am proud to welcome you to our reading room where you will be able to peruse a unique recollection by a true Val Ease pioneer, Mr. Howard Kannitbee, P.E., Superintendent of the Val Ease Central Railroad. Mr. Kannitbee's diaries were lost for many years but were discovered in rather pitiable state by a Library employee while dousing a mysterious fire in our attic. After painstaking restorative work by the Library curator and staff members, we are once again fortunate to offer the Kannitbee VES Construction Diaries to our esteemed patrons.

I am certain that, after taking a few moments to appreciate the highly professional work performed by the Library personnel, you will be eager to sign up to help out at next month's indoor plumbing installation. Your support with this important project will allow the Library to eliminate the hardship faced by staff and patrons of having to use the outdoor "facilities" during our rather severe winters. Please help us reach our goal of reducing by half the number of frostbitten body parts. On behalf of the VEC Library Foundation, I thank you.

Mayor of Val Ease East
Chair of the VEC Library Foundation

Howard Kannitbee's "Val Ease Summit" Construction Diary

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