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Prolog: Setting the scene for the 2006 Festival AdventureZ

Dear fellow Valeasians,

Today's mail included a large brown envelope from the UK. In it I found the show flyer and reservation form for the London Festival of Railway Modelling or LFRM. Basically the organisers want to know how much space I need and if I want electricity, a table and a chair, all of which comes at a price.

The interesting thing about this year's booking compared to the process I completed last year is that LFRM has offered me a 50% discount since I am representing Exporail. I represented Exporail last year, too. I guess that I didn't insist enough on this fact last time round.

LFRM is now accepting credit card payments, another improvement on the booking process. It was a real pain getting a money order for pounds sterling last year. This time I'll use plastic. The booking form will be completed and be back in the mail to London ASAP.

Our travel arrangements are firming up, as well. We've decided on our departure and return dates. We'll be flying KLM from Montréal on March 30th. Our return flight will be on Friday, April 7th which gives us a full week in London. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit some Valeasians who live in the UK and I hope that I'll have the pleasure of meeting many Z-scalers at the Festival (April 1-2 at the Alexandra Palace).

This is going to be a very exciting trip. Hope you can drop by and say hello.

Best regards,

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